The outcomes of fixed matches can be hard to predict, however, it is not an impossible task.  There are different methods to place and win bets and the bets placed on sportsbooks are determined by the type of sport available for booking. Wagers on several ball sports are won by over/under the type of betting which is found on different betting platforms including 22Bet.

Total betting and Over/Under Betting are the same thing, although ‘total betting’ is used formally to describe the type of betting. Let’s understand what a total bet is and how to place a total bet to win huge stakes.

Meaning of Total Bet

If you come across total betting while trying to book on the internet, it’s referring to the total number of goals or points two teams would have in a fixed match. Let’s take this example; a fixed match between Southampton and Sheffield UTD in the FA cup competition. If both teams are to score two goals each, the bet total of the match is the combined scores of Southampton and Sheffield UTD which is four. Here,  someone who may have placed a bet of over 3.5 would win such a bet. 

Types of Total Betting

Total bets are categorized into two; the Over bet and the Under bet. 

Over bets means predicting that a team would score more goals than a specific number. If you are considering this type of betting, make sure to pick teams known for scoring a high number of goals regardless of how tough the match is.

Underbets are predictions 0f a team scoring fewer goals than a certain number. Under Betting in sports betting is associated with terms like under 1.5,  2.5,5.5, etc. 

How to Place Over Bets and Under Bet

Placing this kind of prediction bet is not magical, it should take proper planning and confidence in preferred teams. For an Over bet of 1.5 to be won, the team you placed the wager on must have scored at least two goals. If the overbet is 1.0, you get half of the money used in placing the bet.

The same method goes for Underbets, to win an under 0.5 means that the predicted score of the selected team is nil.

Can Over Bets and Under Bets be Placed at the same Time?

Yeah! These wagers can be placed at the same time but not in all circumstances. Some matches are fixed between two strong and must be played to a conclusion. The bookies may decide to make it both  evenly matched and set stakes. 

We hope you’ve understood better what Total betting is, the different types, and how to place Total bets alternatively known as the OVER/UNDER bets.