On this page, we have collected all the casinos that offer a free casino bonus without a deposit. You simply get free money to play for without having to pay anything yourself. Some casinos require you to enter your credit card details to get the bonus, but nothing will be withdrawn from the card until you even deposit money to receive the casino’s welcome bonus, which is always much larger than the free bonus.

and also:

  • Free Spins without deposit (Like a free bonus, but often without playthrough requirements)
  • Free Spins and bonus for existing customers (Look for the red free sign in the corner)

Bonus without deposit

Bonus without deposit

So you actually get money without having to pay yourself?

Yes you do. However, it is not guaranteed that you will be paid out – that part requires luck. The casino’s free bonus aims to give you a taste of their games without you having to risk anything yourself. But the free bonus is of a relatively modest size – compared to the bonus you can get by depositing money – and there is a requirement that you play through the bonus a number of times before you can ask to have your balance paid out. Often you have to play through the bonus many times, but there are exceptions: SpilleHallen only asks you to play through the bonus once before you can get your money paid out, so it is certainly possible to exchange your free bonus for cold cash with just a little bit of luck.

Other casinos, however, have very high wagering requirements and complicated bonus rules, which mean that very few players actually make a profit from their free bonus. Read on to improve your chances of being one of the few.

How to win with your bonus

win with your bonus

Be aware that most casinos protect themselves behind a wall of casino terms and conditions when giving out free money. This means that it is often less than 1% that is actually paid a profit. Here at Casinopenge, you can find guidance on how to avoid falling into the traps in the casinos’ conditions and, in the worst case, losing your winnings.

There may also be a cap on how much you can withdraw – so if you win the jackpot on a slot machine, you may only be paid a few thousand kroner. If you want to avoid this cap – and if you were going to deposit money anyway – it might be a good idea to make your first deposit before you start playing and just see the free money as an extra plus on top of the welcome bonus.